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The Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund of the Germans in Czechoslovakia


DFG project || 01.06.2014-30.05.2016 Dr. Alena Janatkova The research project examines the Czech / Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund of the Germans in Czechoslovakia, two different and coexisting interest groups of cultural professionals in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia between 1914 and 1948.

Authorship 2.0 – Artistic creation at the intersections between society, technology and art


Research project || 01.04.-15.08.2015

Daniela Hönigsberg, Alexandra Wolf


This research project aims to investigate the redefinitions of authorship against the backdrop of an emerging network society and at the same time examine the aesthetic potential of technologies and techniques which originate in the digital world.

Artistry as a paradigmatic emerging phenomenon


DFG-Research Unit || 2009-2015

The project focuses on the partly competing, partly correlating conceptions of artistry and artistic creativity that existed in around 1900 as an emerging psychological and social phenomenon between “madness”, “drive”, mediumship and “normality”, considering them in their entirety and analyzing them beyond the boundaries of different specialist discourses (psychiatry, art studies, sociology, philosophy), various media (mainly texts, but also works of fine art) and text genres (art criticism, scientific literature, literary pamphlet, theory of the artist). more


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