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Research - Current projects

The Elements of Drawing

IPODI Research Project || 01.10.2014-30.09.2016

Dr. Iris Wien

The intended study strives – from a historicizing perspective – to reconstruct the status of a phenomenon that can be referred to as “graphic marks”. Discourse on such phenomena burgeoned in the late eighteenth- and during the nineteenth-centuries especially in Britain. The proposed research will investigate deliberations and thoughts on the “smallest unit” of drawings, water colors, or prints in relation to the practice, theory, and criticism of the graphic arts. more

The Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund of the Germans in Czechoslovakia

DFG project || 01.06.2014-30.05.2016

Dr. Alena Janatkova

The research project examines the Czech / Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund of the Germans in Czechoslovakia, two different and coexisting interest groups of cultural professionals in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia between 1914 and 1948. more

Interdependencies. Arts and artistic techniques

Conference || since Dec 2011

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Bushart, Dr. Henrike Haug

Technical innovations not only enabled new production methods, but always opened up new possibilities of shaping. At the same time, they also impacted upon other techniques, media and genres – think of the role played by copperplate engraving in the 15th century for woodcuts and painting, or of the model function that sculpture took on for the development and definition of intaglio printing. This project on the history of artistic techniques investigates interdependencies such as these.  more

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